New Orleans Travel Diary

{quintessentially new orleans: jazz bands, jackson square, & more}

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{at the grenoble house}

So excited to be sharing this post with you because Travel Diaries are always one of my very favorites! (And you guys seem to like them, too!) Last week I went to New Orleans with my entire extended family to celebrate my grandma’s 80th birthday, and let me tell you: it was quite the experience! Though I have experienced many cultures before, New Orleans truly was something else… It was pretty wild, and most definitely different than anywhere else I’ve ever been.

Today I wanted to share my travel guide filled with my recommendations for places to eat, play, shop, and stay while you are in NOLA, along with a few of my favorite pictures from the trip. Below I have rounded up everything in one graphic that you can save (either on Pinterest by scrolling over the image or just by bookmarking this blog post) so that you can have it handy for your future travels. I hope you enjoy!

{pin this to your travel pinterest board for future trips!)

I just wanted to quickly go over the highlights from my recommendations, for my very favorite/the most important topics. First I wanted to mention where we stayed: the Grenoble House in the French Quarter. This place was so great, and I would definitely stay there again if I were to ever go back to New Orleans! From the front it looks like every other building on the block, but once you go through the doors and through the little lobby (which was always fully-stocked with fruit, lemonade, and coffee!), it opens up into an open-air atmosphere in the back where all the rooms are. There was a gorgeous patio with a pool and hot tub and lots of plants (which you guys know I love!). Each room has a full kitchen and living room, which was also really nice. My family booked the entire place for the few days we were there, so it was so great to be able to walk around and have the whole complex to ourselves. I don’t get to see this side of my family very often — we are scattered all across the country — so sitting around outside having coffee with them every morning and drinks and snacks every night was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Hands down my favorite place to eat was at Meals From the Heart, which is in the French Market. I recommend heading here early in the morning and getting the vegan blueberry pancakes — they were amazing! I got them two days in a row because I loved them so much. They serve them with strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, syrup, and vegan butter, so it was pretty much a feast! As I mentioned, I recommend getting out there early because NOLA is pretty rowdy and the streets get loud and crowded early in the afternoon (a lot of the bars are open 24 hours a day and there are no open container laws so the afternoon and into the night is wild out there!). Be prepared to wait a few minutes for your food here… It always took awhile for them to make ours! We walked around the French Market while we waited.

You absolutely can’t go to New Orleans without heading to Café du Monde — it’s a staple. The line will be long but the wait will be worth it. Pro tip: head to the “to-go” line which is always shorter, then walk over to Jackson Square to enjoy your beignets and coffee while watching street performers and listening to brass jazz bands.

For dinner I highly recommend Brennan’s. This is where we had our big birthday dinner for my grandma, and we all really enjoyed our meals. We had a big private room upstairs which was amazing, of course, but I took a look around downstairs before we left and it looked just as grand. The place is pretty famous and has a lot of history, and the staff was so accommodating and friendly.

Lastly, you must visit The Grove Street Press. I have followed them on Instagram for quite some time now, and so was excited to finally be in New Orleans to stop by the store. They have cute stationary and the like, and give off a very New England vibe (which is probably why I love them so much!). Just check their hours before you head over there, and they’re closed all day on Sundays!


Have you ever been to New Orleans? What are your recommendations for the city? I would love for you to leave them in the comments!

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