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There is something to be said about September in New York City. A feeling of excitement fills the air as designer-clad celebrities and bloggers alike flock to the city for a week-long festivity: New York Fashion Week, better known as #NYFW on social media.

As glamorous as jetting off to dozens of fashion shows may seem, the sad reality is that “glamorous” is not the case. Just a few days in, your feet are already covered in countless blisters from wearing too many stilettos, your head begins to have a permanent ache after numerous presentations with way-too-loud-for-my-age music, and the non-stop rushing from one show to the next leaves you with little time for coffee or food. (Seriously, your only down time is in a taxi riding from one show to the next.)

In light of this, today I’m sharing the top NYFW essentials, from my experiences both working and attending the shows. Whether you are in the city for NYFW currently, heading to another city’s fashion week following this week, or planning to attend (or work it) someday in the future, consider this your ultimate guide for making it through the week alive.


{j crew presentations are always my favorite}

01The bag // You absolutely need a big huge bag that you will be able to stash all of your essentials in (because trust me, there are a lot of things you’ll want to carry). Be sure to pick one that isn’t too baggy or messy-looking — keep it chic! Try this one or this one.

02. The wallet // Go for a wallet that will be able to hold all of your cab receipts, business cards that you’ll acquire throughout the week, and tickets to the shows, but not one that is so big that it takes up too much real estate in your purse. Try this one or this one.

03. Flats // Bring a pair of flats that can fit inside your bag. It will be your saving grace while you are dashing around the city from one show to the next! It will save both your feet and your sanity. Try these or these.

04. Sunglasses // I pretty much live in sunglasses when I am in-between shows… Hiding any and all evidence of the lack of sleep! Try these.

05. Extra jewelry // I always keep an extra piece of jewelry hidden away in my bag, whether it be a pair of earrings or a sparkly bracelet. You never know when you may step into a situation that requires a little extra somethin’, somethin’! Try these.

beauty-must-haves01. Hand sanitizer // Enough said.

02. Oil blotting sheets // As much as we all wish for cool, fall-like temperatures this time of year in New York City, it always ends up being a scorcher. While you’re rushing throughout the city, it’s inevitable to start sweating, and the crowded seating and lights during the shows don’t offer any relief! Try these.

03. Long-wear lip products // Apply in the morning and forget about it for the rest of the day — it’s as easy as that! Try this one or this one.

electronics01. iPhone // This is obvious, but certainly an essential! It also has my Starbucks card on it, so…

02. Portable chargers // I wouldn’t dare try to make it through the day during Fashion Week without an extra charger. Between taking phone calls, getting directions to shows, and taking hundreds of photos and videos, you don’t want to be left with a dead battery.

odds-ends01. MetroCard // The subway is almost always faster than a taxi or Uber! I always take it if I need to be somewhere quick.

02. Healthy snacks // I bring trail mix, a healthy bar, or a banana or apple with me every day. Hungry, tired, hot, and overwhelmed is the worst combination — talk about a serious case of hangry!

03. Ibuprofen // Ugh the headaches! Between the lack of sleep and unwanted stress, I usually end up with a bad headache at the worst times.

04. Coffee // Stop and get a fresh cup at every chance you get. Seriously.

As negative as that makes Fashion Week sound, it truly is an amazing experience! Working the shows does have its perks, too — my very first show I ended up getting to sit front row at the very last minute (totally unexpected… There was an empty seat that needed to be filled STAT!). If you’re interested in the industry at all, I hope you get to experience it at least once!

What are your NYFW essentials?



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